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1. Our mission and industrial status

As a nationwide chain company, we have top-tier clients and branch offices in 12 capital cities across the country ready to provide industry-leading translation solutions to different enterprises in China. We understand the challenges facing company operators and managers, and are willing to operate closely with enterprises, helping them increase profit and reduce costs as well as establish a linguistic and cultural bridge to lead them to the worldwide stage.

Since our establishment, we have maintained good long-term relationships with over 2,200 organizations. Our customers cover a number of regions across China and almost all industries. Our professional services are helping more and more customers achieve international cooperation and development with significant advantages. We’re convinced that with our concerted efforts, we can provide high-quality service to more Chinese enterprises and establish a closer business partnership that will help them break into the worldwide market.

2. We have an elite technical team. Want to join us?

We have a translation team consisting of 5,100 part-time and full-time experts at home and abroad, including domestic professionals of foreign language, overseas students and international linguistic experts. The domestic team undertakes the primary translation, proofreading and final quality control, and the overseas native-language team carries out the secondary proofreading. On our translation team, 20% of the members are industrial senior experts holding double master's degrees or a doctorate degree; about 30% with a master's degree and over 3 years of experience in translation; 50% with a bachelor degree and 5 years of experience in translation; about 40% of our employees have acquired the CATTI II or III certificates.

3. We have an elite service team. Are you qualified?

We are a young team with an average age of 28, full of vitality and innovation.

We are a dedicated team who strongly believes that brand excellence comes from customer’s trust and our dedication has led us to professionalism.

We are a professional team consisting of members who are equipped with rich experience in translation and graduated from domestic and foreign famous language universities.

4. What is our dream?

We are a team with ambition. We come from all parts of the world and share the same dream: to build a translation service that provides customers with the most reliable international communication service and establishes a new career ladder for employees. We adhere to the corporate culture of “Dedication leads to professionalism” and aim to build a young, vigorous team that is ready for any challenge. We find pleasure from both work and life.