CATTI, short for China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters, is designed to adapt talents to the socialist market economy and to meet the need of China's accession to the World Trade Organization, to strengthen the construction of foreign language professional translation talents team, to evaluate the level and ability of professional translation talents scientifically, objectively and impartially and to better serve for China’s opening up and international exchanges and cooperation. Base on the principle of the establishment of the national vocational qualification certificate system, CATTI is an authoritative translation and interpretation professional qualification accreditation test, implemented throughout the country according to uniform standards, and designed to assess examinees’ bilingual translation or interpretation proficiency. 

  In recent years, with China’s more frequent foreign exchanges with the outside world and the promotion of the national policies such as “the Belt and Road Initiatives", the market is calling for a large number of professional translation talents. Senior Translator Language Training Center is not only one pillar of the five major businesses of Only International Translation but also a center specialized in senior translators and interpreters training, CATTI examination training and exchange and practice for translation talents. Only International Translation makes use of our own advantages, designs a special translator and interpreter training center, thus gradually forms a sound mode of “learning, training, employment” which build up a bridge between a large number of outstanding foreign language translators and the government and enterprises. Meanwhile, Only also provides the mass foreign language lovers and those who are engaged in working with professional foreign language with a good platform to learn, to practice, to be trained, to be employed and to exchange ideas.