Only International Translation uses the English word “Only” as the major part of its LOGO to highlight its service principles of dedication and professionalism. The “Earth” element is a symbol of its goal of globalization and the “Bridge” element signifies the company’s function of connecting and spreading different languages and cultures. Blue is a color of inclusiveness, so the sky and sea are shaded with a very bright blue. The broadness and inclusiveness of the color blue reflects the company’s character of worldwide cultural communication. Also, blue, a symbol of wisdom and rationality is used as a metaphor for the company’s strictness, accuracy and reliability.

Our mission: To know & be known

We seek to become the best translation service provider in China thanks to our high level planning, high standards and high quality service.

Service principle: Dedication leads to professionalism

We pursue the best of the best translation quality and always insist on innovation, focusing on the strict execution of every procedure, so as to deliver the most professional translation service and achieve a win-win result.

Our goal: To bring you closer to the world by removing the language barrier

Based in China, but with our eyes on the world, we are determined to remove the language barrier for you. With our customers in mind, we will become the top-rated translation company in China dedicated to serving every enterprise in their international dealings!